January 2023 // Monthly Wrap-Up

I have a massive headache. My edits are waiting. I probably shouldn’t be staring at a screen.

And yet here I am. Completing my monthly wrap-up because I promised myself I’d try to document my life/memories/career more. I don’t have a format or anything for this yet, so please excuse the incoming run-on sentences and rambling vibe.

Monthly Stats

  • 43,187 words drafted
  • 79,641 words revised
  • 1 book released
  • 2 projects submitted

SUITEHEARTS: HARMONY AND HEARTBREAK released on January 3, 2023!

January was an incredibly busy month for me writing-wise. I spent the first half January finishing drafting and revisions on my next adult romance. The title is long as heck and unfortunately, doesn’t have a cute acronym so…. [REDACTED] is scheduled for a 2024 release!

I’m switching subgenres, y’all! I’m deeply in love with my manuscript and have been obsessively thinking about it since I turned it in. Imagine me, biting my nails and gnashing my teeth and ripping my hair out while waiting to find out if my editor liked it or not so I can’t keep work on it even thought I really reALLY REALLY want to.

I surprisingly didn’t write my favorite tropes this time around, but it has all of my favorite romantic elements. I am so hopelessly devoted to this couple AHHHH! I’m still not in a place where I can talk about it BUT the main characters names are… Lucky and Maverick. To set the mood here are five random songs from the preliminary unofficial official soundtrack*:

  • “Baby, You’re A Haunted House” by Gerard Way
  • “Fine” by Jonghyun
  • “Kind and Generous” by Natalie Merchant
  • “Sacrifice” by t.A.T.u.
  • “Moonlight Sunrise” by Twice

*tracks are subject to change upon release lol

Now, I don’t know how y’all work, but for me? When I’m on deadline and my manuscript isn’t finished? I stop sleeping.

Yes. Really. I don’t do anything except work on my book pretty much around the clock. In the final 72 hours before submission, I might’ve slept 12 hours total. I don’t recommend it. I tell myself every time I’m not going to let myself fall into the trap of working like that, and yet again I have failed!

Currently, the submitted version sits at 72k words but I know I’ll probably add another 10-12k during revisions. I created a new plotting system for myself last year in November that unlocked my writing process in a way that felt like magic. I have never hit my writing beats so firmly in my life. My pacing is immaculate. My drafting is swift as hell. My revisions felt wonderful. I feel like it even sharpened my prose.

Smack dab in the middle of the month, I had an annual strategy session with my literary agent.

At the beginning of each new year, she likes to meet with all her clients one-on-one to discuss the previous year and what the current plan is. We had a pretty good conversation around some the ~things~ I’ve been feeling regarding my career (which I’m not ready to talk about publicly yet! Future!Claire, when you reread think of “lackluster” lol). We both decided it’s time for me to do the big scary thing. Literally.

I’ve had my heart set on writing a horror-esque novel for years. I say “esque” because we’re not sure of the genre just yet but it’s on that side of the spectrum. As soon as all my deadlines are hit, I’ll be free to start drafting (probably around March). It’s finally time. I’m doing it. No, I’m not nervous!

The very same day as my strategy session, I had to turn in my short story for QUEER BEASTIES! If you haven’t heard, I’m contributing to another young adult anthology, this time edited by Rob Costello.

I love writing short stories because I see it as an opportunity to experiment with craft, which I don’t really get to do elsewhere. I have some lofty idea for this one that I’m hoping work out.

After slightly missing, then hitting my deadlines a day later than I was supposed to, I needed a break. I had to rest. I began to feel like I completely ran out of words! I had nothing left to give! My brain was nothing but fuzzy mush! But I have two more deadlines on the horizon and time has consistently never waited for me to catch up.

Diving into Suitehearts Book 2 revisions ended with me feeling like I’m swimming through molasses, which is where I currently am. To reset the mood, here are four random songs from the unofficial official soundtrack–one for each central character:

  • “After School” by Weeekly
  • “Happy Go Lucky” by Steps
  • “Crazy for this Girl” Evan and Jaron
  • “I Heard a Rumor” by Bananarama

Rose and Cora remain our two wonderful leads, but they’re getting partners in this book for a special event. If you’ve read the final chapter in Harmony & Heartbreak, you might even be able to guess what it is!

February 2023 Goals

  • Finish and submit 2 Suite 2 Hearts
  • Revise and submit sample pages of DBAND – Adult Romance #3
  • Insert other edit letters/revisions/deadlines here because I know they’re coming

Apart from some lingering guilt around not posting on social media like I planned to, that’s a wrap on January 2023!

Until next time,

Claire ❤

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