February 2023 // Monthly Wrap-Up

It’s early. I’ve been up for hours. It’s time to put a bow on February. Monthly Stats: *It should be way more than this. I got so deep into revisions I stopped accurately tracking my progress. February was a month of obsession. Fitting, I suppose, with Valentine’s Day and all that. On January 16th, I […]

January 2023 // Monthly Wrap-Up

I have a massive headache. My edits are waiting. I probably shouldn’t be staring at a screen. And yet here I am. Completing my monthly wrap-up because I promised myself I’d try to document my life/memories/career more. I don’t have a format or anything for this yet, so please excuse the incoming run-on sentences and […]

Writing Update #3: Wind for Brains

I’m currently working on… something. And I say that because I’ve been stuck for a while. It’s not a book yet, barely a manuscript, and it’d be a stretch to even call it a story. I have a gaggle of characters—two leads, a kid, a crew—and a premise, but it lacks structure and form. I […]