Born and raised in Northern California Bay Area, she never plans to leave. Ever.

After an average and boring adolescence, and a quarter life crisis at twenty-four, she became laser-focused on attending college and becoming a writer. Her institution of choice was Sonoma State University, where she chose to study English literature and memoir because the professors were nicer in that department. However, after graduation she changed her mind while her diploma wept in the background–fiction seemed to be the way to go so she began writing her first novel on January 1, 2014.

Quickly, she learned that she had no patience or shame when it came to her work and was seduced by that temptress known as social publishing. She began posting her novels to online platforms like Swoon Reads and later, Wattpad. In July 2016, her novel Let’s Talk About Love, was selected for publication by Swoon Reads and debuted in 2018. She also won Watty Awards in 2016 and 2017 for two wildly different books.

Currently, she still lives in the greater Bay Area, working at a pretty cool day job, writing novels, and trying to crack the secret code to crafting an amazing short story.


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