THE ROMANTIC AGENDA: Character Reveal – Summer Barrymore

On the 5th day of The Romantic Agenda…I come to you with a second post for the day, a second reel, and a second character reveal! (YES THIS POST IS LATE I KNOW!)

SUMMER “Resting-Princess-Face” BARRYMORE: a deceptively astute ball of optimism

Character Song: “Summer Shudder by AFI – “under the summer rain, I burned away”


Summer ends up telling a story about the first concert she ever tried to go to alone but got the dates mixed up for. She went to the venue on the wrong day, but the doorman let her in, and instead of seeing the Jonas Brothers she watched a metal concert. It turned out to be quite the formative experience for her–her nose got broken in a mosh pit.

“That’s why I have a lump here.” She points to her nose–and accidentally leaves a smear of mustard from her veggie dog behind. “The doctor set it weird so it healed crooked.”


Summer is a complicated character that nobody seems to like. She’s in a difficult spot in the narrative, and it’s easy for her to be seen as annoying or an antagonist, but that’s not who she is. That’s not who she wants to be. Raise your hand if you ever had to unlearn “girl hate” and stop viewing other girls/women as automatic competition simply because they exist—because I did. Honestly, while Summer is my least favorite character, I’m still using the word “favorite” for a reason. I hope that readers will give her a chance… but it’s okay if you don’t like her. Please just don’t tell me lol

Don’t forget that if you order a copy of THE ROMANTIC AGENDA you can submit your info to receive a thank you gift!

I got some feedback on the last reel and made some changes. Social media isn’t intuitive for all of us ahahaha I’ve never really sat down to study and learn what makes a good reel. I’m still figuring things out lol I think I’ll make another one for Fox before the countdown ends.

See you tomorrow!

Claire ❤

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