THE ROMANTIC AGENDA Character Reveal: Fox Monahan

On the 3rd day of THE ROMANTIC AGENDA… we’re not going to talk about how this post is a day late lol

I come to you with a character name, playlist song, and snippet reveal. The Instagram reel version can be found below so while yes, this is a cross post, I wanted to make sure the content made its way to the blog.

FOX “Yes-that’s-My-Real-Name” MONAHAN: the grumpiest grump to ever grump to Joy’s sunshine self.

Character Song: “Leave the Door Open” by Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak, and Silk Sonic


Joy keeps catching Fox staring at her. He turns away quickly–but not quick enough–whenever she glances his way. Suddenly, his plate, his wine glass, even the ceiling at one point, are the most fascinating things he’s ever seen.

His chaotic nervous energy electrifies her into giddiness.

It isn’t like when Malcolm admires Joy. He does so openly and without embarrassment. With Fox it’s almost like he feels guilty for looking at her so much. As if he’s only allowed to catch glimpses of her while she’s not paying attention, but it’s not enough for him to hold on to.

He has to try, try, try again until he can get the image of her to stick in his mind.


I’ve talked before about how absolutely THIRSTY Fox is for Joy. It’s something I’ve wanted to explore in a romance narrative for some time, and while I admittedly only lightly scratched the surface on this topic, it’s there. Fox and Joy decide to fake date to make the object of Joy’s infatuation, Malcolm, jealous. As the fake dating trope goes, things get real, and serious, quickly for my two leads. Joy is openly ace and unapologetic about it. And Fox respects and believes her. He must reckon with what he wants versus what’s real and decide on how to move forward.

Don’t forget that if you order a copy of THE ROMANTIC AGENDA you can submit your info to receive a thank you gift!

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