The Romantic Agenda: Song & Snippet #1

Welcome to Songs & Snippets where I share a quote from my upcoming novel THE ROMANTIC AGENDA and a song from the unofficial official soundtrack.

❤ QUOTE: “Dreams are such strange things to have and to hold.”

First post, first line in the book. I had to rewrite the opening something like three times(?) before it was accepted. I was in a full despair spiral, thinking I would never get this right, and my book was terrible, and what was I doing deluding myself like this… and then I thought of Joy. And Fox. And Malcolm. And Summer. And then I wrote this line, managing to fit a little bit of all of them in something so deceptively simple.

🎶 SONG: “In Your Eyes” by The Weeknd

Trying to pick one single lyric to share proved to be impossible because this is TRA’s theme song. The whole book. Every character. Every situation. Every scene. It’s this song.

This would be the lead single.

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