Going Forward and Other Revelations

I’ve accepted that I will never be compatible with social media in a meaningful way. I’m a reclusive introvert and have severe anxiety that extends to the internet. I overthink EVERYTHING. I don’t like to bother people. I don’t want to feel as if I’m in the way. Simply replying to comments drains my batteries like you wouldn’t believe.

I’ve grown tired of deciding what deserves to go on my Instagram grid, what I should (or shouldn’t) say on Twitter, how many is too many announcement posts for Facebook. And then, having to deal with that terrible feeling of seeing how low my engagement numbers are. Sometimes, I swear I can hear my analytics laughing at me every time I view it. 

However, I love posting about my authorly bits! I just always get so bogged down with anxiety and overwhelming thoughts of “NO ONE CARES” to the point where I just won’t post at all. And that’s just unacceptable because I don’t have the best memory–I need to document as it happens.

I want to be able to relive this part of my life when I can’t remember it anymore. I’ve officially been in publishing since 2016 and feel like I’ve already lost so much to time.

Essentially Going Forward is a blog for me to document the author part of my life.

I needed somewhere to scream into the void, where character limits and pictures aren’t required. A place where it’s fine if the void doesn’t scream back or even look at me. So, I decided to finally use the blog I pay for, polished it up, and gave it a new name: Going Forward. Because here’s where I’ll be from now on. Well, here and my monthly wrap up newsletter.

I’d love it if you followed along with me here, but I understand if you don’t. Blogs and newsletters might not be your jam. I get it. But at some point, I’ll probably also stop cross posting and close my other accounts. No hard feelings–we’re all just trying to make it as best we can and this is where I belong.

Until Next Time,

Claire ❤

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