Joy is in love with Malcolm.
But Malcolm really likes Summer.
Summer is in love with love.
And Fox is Summer’s ex-boyfriend.

Thirty, flirty, and asexual Joy is secretly in love with her best friend Malcolm, but she’s never been brave enough to say so. When he unexpectedly announces that he’s met the love of his life—and no, it’s not Joy—she’s heartbroken. Malcolm invites her on a weekend getaway, and Joy decides it’s her last chance to show him exactly what he’s overlooking. But maybe Joy is the one missing something…or someone…and his name is Fox.

Fox sees a kindred spirit in Joy—and decides to help her. He proposes they pretend to fall for each other on the weekend trip to make Malcolm jealous. But spending time with Fox shows Joy what it’s like to not be the third wheel, and there’s no mistaking the way he makes her feel. Could Fox be the romantic partner she’s always deserved?


In honor of THE ROMANTIC AGENDA’s cover finally being released after MONTHS of waiting (and do I mean months. It’s been ready since JUNE), here are some super secret insider, behind the scenes facts about TRA:

I love this book.

Both Joy and her best friend, Malcolm, are asexual. That’s right: two ace characters for the price of one. Their experiences, however, vary wildly because, say it with me, asexuality is a spectrum! Publishing a book with ace characters both affirms and obliterates my will to live 🙂 

This is *my* take on the fake dating trope, aka the best romance trope in tandem with marriage of convenience, so it probably won’t be what you expect 😏 

It’s a romance *and* a love story. And a love square.

I cried a lot while writing it. It’s being marketed as a romcom–it’s fun and funny but also. Feelings.

Joy is obsessed with puns and dad jokes. There’s… a lot of them in there. A lot.

The heat level is non-existent. But there are very frank conversations about sex, particularly being asexual while choosing to do so.

I am very protective of Malcolm. To the point where I will fight people on the internet over him. Please don’t test me.

The Romantic Agenda has an ~official~ soundtrack that I will be sharing shortly.

I ended up rewriting the ending four times! It was hell! I might talk about this someday because it has to do with being Very Asexual™ vs expected tried-and-true romantic conventions.

Joy has anxiety. It’s the first time I’m publishing a character who explicitly admits to it. Her anxiety just sort of… exists as a part of her and she hasn’t taken steps to get professional help because it’s “not that bad.” It is. Deciding to include anxiety quietly existing in the background of a book that people are definitely going to read was much scarier than I thought it’d be.

I love this book.

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