If It Makes You Happy: the Audiobook!?

Winnie in audio? It’s true. The wonderful team over at OrangeSky bought the rights some months ago. I can’t even properly express how I excited I am that an audiobook exists.

It releases October 26,2021 across all audiobook retailers and you can definitely request it at your local library.

And now, a message from our sponsor: Claire Kann, part-time author.

I share about 1% of my life on the internet because I’m a deeply private baby sea turtle. One thing I do want to be is transparent and this is a perfect opportunity to be just that.

When you’re a small potato author, a tiny tadpole storyteller, a baby sea turtle just doing her best in the vast publishing sea, nothing is guaranteed. Nothing. Which is why the audiobook version is being released a smooth 2.5 years after IIMYH’s initial debut in 2019. Which is why (somehow??) I finally earned out my advance this year.

These things happen. Or, in some cases, don’t. None of my books are instant bestsellers, but they are persistent as hell.

So if you’re an aspiring author with your sights set on being traditionally published, please know that it’s definitely okay to dream big and hold onto those dreams with your whole heart. But you should also keep your expectations in check and remember that some dreams might take much longer to manifest than you think they will.

Until next time,

Claire ❤

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