Time is truly accelerating at a pace I’m deeply uncomfortable with. Can you believe it’s already April? Almost MID-APRIL? I’m so miserable over this lol Anyway. I wanted to create a roundup for things MARVELOUS because we’re two months away from the release! Ahhh!


THE MARVELOUS is currently available at all major retailers. Fierce Reads was kind enough to round up some handy dandy links which can be found here. But because I love you, here are also some buttons:

Preorders have become increasingly important aspect of publishing. I understand that not everyone can afford to do this, so if you even consider buying my book, thank you so much. From the bottom of my heart I appreciate you.


Unfortunately, there won’t be print advance reader copies but digital ones are available. There are three ways to access an e-arc for TM:

I don’t have any say in who gets approved, but if you have a blog and choose the book tour route, we’ll be working together on creating content for release week!


Marvelous Mondays begin April 12th on my Instagram account. Every week, I’ll be sharing an author blurb that will appear on the book’s jacket plus giving away a finished copy of MARVELOUS *and* (one of) the blurber’s book. To win, all you have to do is make sure you’re following me, the author (if applicable), and follow the post instructions. For now, this has to be US only, but I do have something planned for international readers. More info on that soon!


Did you know MARVELOUS has a prequel novella?

THE SCAVENGER HUNT is a weekly serial available for free to read starring three characters you will meet again in Marvelous: Jewel, Ethan, Olive and Francis.

Five clues. Four teams. Three hours. Two winners. One kiss.

Olive never thought her crush on Ethan would end like this!

As a thank you, popular rich-girl Jewel Van Hanen invites Olive to one of her exclusive parties. Only this isn’t an ordinary party: it’s a nighttime Scavenger Hunt. Cryptic clues, ridiculous riddles, shared selfies, dangerous dares- no one has ever played a game quite like this before. Each winner receives an amazing cash prize–money Olive desperately needs to pay for her coveted college entrance audition.

When Jewel assigns teams, to Olive’s delight (and horror) she’s paired with Ethan-the irresistible boy she’s been secretly crushing on for five years. More comfortable with books and academia than boys and adventure, can Olive win the hunt and Ethan’s heart?

Do you have to read THE SCAVENGER HUNT before THE MARVELOUS? 
No. But MARVELOUS is a direct sequel, characters do cross over, and the events of TSH are referenced.

Can you read THE MARVELOUS without reading THE SCAVENGER HUNT? 
Yes. It’s technically a standalone novel. Think of TSH as bonus content even though it technically came first.

What genre are the books?
TSH is a romance. MARVELOUS is a mixed bag so I’ll go with adventure.

Where can I read it?
Currently, it’s available on Wattpad, but I’m considering cross posting to a different platform for readers who aren’t interested in creating a Wattpad account (which is required to read) or dealing with ads. Once I’ve decided I’ll make sure to update this post and announce it everywhere.

I think that’s everything? It might not be, though. I’ll be sure to update more frequently these days as I’ve made a promise to myself to document the happenings in my author life more.

Until next time,


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