Marvelous May #2: An Audiobook?!

So. Things didn’t go as planned and my last post was… 17 days ago but we’re not talking about that. We are, however, talking about the fact that THE MARVELOUS is getting an audiobook! And I am damn excited about it! As a very small, not even midlist author (and I say that lovingly with […]

Marvelous May #1: Blurb the First & a Giveaway

Welcome to the first post for Marvelous May, a full month where I post Marvelous-related content leading up to the release day! Today, I’m sharing a blurb for THE MARVELOUS, my new YA novel releasing June 8th, has received and hosting a giveaway. “Kann gives readers characters who are full and alive, and a scavenger […]


Time is truly accelerating at a pace I’m deeply uncomfortable with. Can you believe it’s already April? Almost MID-APRIL? I’m so miserable over this lol Anyway. I wanted to create a roundup for things MARVELOUS because we’re two months away from the release! Ahhh! PREORDERS THE MARVELOUS is currently available at all major retailers. Fierce […]