Guest Posting: Quiet YA

Today, I’m guest posting on the Quiet YA blog recommending some of my favorite underrated YA books for 31 Days of #Quiet YA!

What is Quiet YA?

Well, technically, “quiet YA” is about literary books with more character focus than plot focus. But “quietYA” is to celebrate books that aren’t best sellers, don’t have movie/TV adaptations, and don’t win major awards. And that are actually YA, since article writers often don’t seem to know the difference.

– Quiet YA About Page

And what is 31 Days of #QuietYA you ask?

It’s pretty hard to keep this blog’s queue stocked because the very nature of underrated books is that there isn’t a lot of coverage about them. Finding quotes and edits and photos is hard because so many of y’all haven’t read them and I don’t have enough hours in a day to create them on my own.

So I decided to pull in some experts to talk about their favorite underrated YA books for the holiday season – YA authors. Every day this month, I’ll be sharing a small guest post from a YA author in which they talk about their personal favorite reads you may not have picked up yet. Some of the authors we have are authors you probably haven’t heard of while others may be your favorites – I wanted to make sure y’all had a good variety to look through.

-31 Days of Quiet YA Announcement Post

Head on over to the blog now for some amazing book recs!

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