ANNOUNCEMENT: Let’s Talk About Love almost has a cover!

If you’re familiar with Swoon Reads (publisher for my debut novel *twirls*) then you know how reader-oriented they are. Not only do readers have a voice in what novels are selected for publication, they also get to vote on the cover direction.

And now, it’s finally my turn.

I saw the covers about a week before they went live on the site. I was driving to work when I got an email. I knew it was Swoon Mail because that particular email has a distinct chime notification. In California, it’s illegal to hold a phone while driving, so I keep mine propped up on my dashboard. Quickly, I swiped down to preview the message and saw the word: COVERS.


*cue banshee screaming*

The designer, Liz D. did an amazing job creating four completely different concepts that all managed to relate to the book in some way. Not being able to talk about my covers was excruciating–doubly so because I loved something about each and everyone, and I couldn’t wait to share them (all I have to say is thank Jesus for Saltmate). 

So, head on over to Swoon Reads blog where you can view a larger version of each cover and hear more about them (and the plans for changes if it wins) from Liz herself. While you’re there, don’t forget to vote for your favorite and leave a comment, if you’d like.

Voting ends March 10th, 2017!

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