Announcing: SUITEHEARTS – Harmony & Heartbreak!

I am ridiculously pleased to present my next release SUITEHEARTS: Harmony and Heartbreak releasing January 3, 2023 ❤

Cover Designer: Chris Kwon
Cover artist: Lissy Marlin

When love meets magic—what could go wrong?

Cousins Rose and Cora Seville aren’t your typical eighth graders. They are matchmakers-in-training, learning how to magically make love connections out of San Francisco’s Hotel Coeur, where they live in the penthouse suite. As young Fledglings, Rose and Cora must perfect their charms and enchantments to pass a test that will determine their future, but they are not prepared for all the drama ahead!

Confident, cool Rose, the most promising Fledgling of her generation, thinks her magic can help her handle any assignment that’s thrown at her. But when she is faced with a bitter rival and headstrong Kindling, will she be able to rise to the challenge?

As for kind-yet-complicated Cora, she’s usually in her cousin’s shadow. But new powers that allow her to see others’ emotions might make her a secret weapon in the matchmaking world. Will Cora’s special abilities help or hurt her when a crush on a boy puts her matchmaker ethics on the line?

Full of magic and mishaps, Suitehearts is a new series from award-winning storyteller Claire Kann that will keep readers smiling and wishing for more.

IT IS DONE! I HAVE WRITTEN A MIDDLE GRADE BOOK! AND IT HAS A BEAUTIFUL COVER! If you are able, please consider preordering Suitehearts and/or requesting it from your local library. Preorders help publishers gauge initial interest in a title which can lead to more pre-pub opportunities!

One of the things I love most about the cover is it feels like a magical cartoon for kids because while writing, some my biggest inspirations were shows like W.I.T.C.H., Cardcaptor Sakura, and Sailor Moon–the shows that meant everything to me when I was young. I’m so, so excited about this duology. It’s been a literal dream to write and I can’t wait to share it with readers.

Until next time,

Claire ❤

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