Guest Posting: Quiet YA

Today, I’m guest posting on the Quiet YA blog recommending some of my favorite underrated YA books for 31 Days of #Quiet YA! What is Quiet YA? Well, technically, “quiet YA” is about literary books with more character focus than plot focus. But “quietYA” is to celebrate books that aren’t best sellers, don’t have movie/TV adaptations,…

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Number One

Dear Readers: Thank you for taking this unfinished draft of a book to #1. Numbers and ranks aren’t supposed to matter, right? I have a pretty cool day job so I get to write because I love it. I get to create stories to be shared without having to worry about money and for the…

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Introducing: TAP!

In the mood for some fun, short stories? Wattpad has just launched their new app called Tap. Wattpad has just launched their new app called Tap. It’s like eavesdropping on other people’s chat conversations. I wrote a few stories for the launch, one of which you can start reading now: In BABY BLUE, Jonghyun is…

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Updates! A Giveaway! And a Song!

ICYMI here are the wattpad updates for this week– FGM: RATR: and I’m having surgery today–nothing major but I will be in pain for awhile 😦 but I’ll try to make sure the FGM update for Monday is posted on time. (I know, I know. THE CLIFFHANGERS. You know you’re in trouble…

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A Year in Review & Looking Ahead

For a lot of the world, 2016 sucked. Put in rice, burn sage, Ace Ventura needs to come exorcise the demons, level of suck. Amazing things happened to me this year. Things that I have been working, fighting, wishing, and hoping would happen, finally happened. Are still happening. But instead of celebrating what has been…

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ANNOUNCEMENT: I have a book deal!

Heyyyyyy! Guess what? LET’S TALK ABOUT LOVE is being published by Swoon Reads / Macmillan! The expected release date is January 23, 2018! I don’t think I’ve used enough exclamation points yet! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, every author talks about The Call Story–that moment when a bedraggled writer is finally told “YES! WE WANT TO PUBLISH YOUR…

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Hello world!

This is a blog (obviously). Hopefully, I will remember to use it for: Announcements & News Posting Updates Cover Reveals New Releases Book Reviews Author Interviews Pictures of my cat

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